Apache Spark - 2 Days Weekend Training

Course Fee - Rs. 5,000/- (Limited seats)

Batch 1: 20th and 21st August

Batch 2: 27th and 28th August

What you get:
i. VM image with hadoop,Spark and R installed.
ii. Sample code and documentation
iii. Hands on exercises
iv. Certificate of completion.

i. Basic understanding of databases/sql . Knowledge of Hadoop is not necessary.

Trainer -
Mr. Mohan Kumar
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    - Curriculum
    Day 1 Big Data Introduction
    Hadoop Architecture
    HDFS fundamentals
    MapReduce Fundamentals
    Introduction to Hive and Hive Architecture ( Will be used for Spark Integration)
    Demo and Hands on
    Python ( Pre-req for Spark)
    Introduction to Python
    Basic Programming concepts
    Hands on Exercises
    Introduction to Spark
    Spark Installation
    Spark Architecture
    Lazy evaluation
    Transformations and Actions
    Sample programs
    Demo and Hands on
    Day 2 Recap of Day1.
    Spark- SQL
    Dataframes, Handling structured data
    Creating DF's with different types of files - Txt, Parquet,Json
    Spark - Hive Integration
    Spark Streaming
    Running Spark Streaming programs
    Demo and Hands on
    Spark MLLib
    Machine Learning Data types and API's
    Creating predictive models using MLLib
    MlLib Demo - Price Prediction
    SparkR - Introduction
    Running R functions from Spark
    Demo and Hands on
    Q&A - Conclusion