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Trendwise Analytics Data Insights Program

Data is one of the biggest asset that the company has and they use <1% of the data for analyzing. Those who are able to analyze more data and draw insights are better equipped to take informed decisions. This will have an impact on RoI, top line or the bottom line.

However, organizations often do not know where to start this data analytics journey as they do not have the infrastructure, tools, techniques and the necessary skills in-house. Trendwise Analytics bring to you their Data Insights program which could be a first and the right step towards the data analytics journey.

Data Insights Program Steps

Customer Steps:

1. Sign-up: Initial handshake, NDA/Data Privacy document signing

2. Share Data: Transfer Data via google drive or dropbox (upto 0.5GB in any format, structured or unstructured in xls, txt, csv, log file, mySQL DB, doc, docx)

Trendwise Analytics Steps:

3. Transform, Load Data: Ingest the data to the Trendwise Analytics Big Data Lab

4. Analyze the Data: Use the statistical tools like R and analyze the data and create insights

5. Visualize the Insights: Create Reports or Dashboard using visualization tools for Business leaders

6. Showcase Insights: Present the results to the Business Leaders and decide about the next steps

You responsibility will be till you share the data and Trendwise Analytics & Business experts will do the rest of the steps, free of cost.

Come and explore your data and gain insights for better business decisions and results.